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HEARTS APART -Widows Ring for Soulmates Black Stainless Steel Ring

Widows Rings

  • $ 8900

Anyone who is separated from a soul-mate or a kindred spirit can wear this ring.

Who Is Your Far Away Kindred Spirit- Your Soul Mate

  • Grandparents
  • Parents
  • A sister,
    brother, relative or friend


Identical Hearts are separated yet are close and aligned to each other.

Surgical Quality Stainless Steel is allergy free and is likely to maintain its
original shape and luster for a lifetime, regardless of how much abuse it
takes. You can be assured of a quality product this keepsake will last a lifetime.

Even Sizes: from 4 to 11 - Wear On Any finger or Thumb.

Color: Black as the night sky where “Pappy” lives now.

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