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Silver Broken Heart /Circle Is Broken

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Broken Heart/ Broken Circle

Intricate delicate heartbreaking beautiful design .
Broken Heart Ring framed with eternity bands is the  featured part of the ring.
Inside fits a  silver "open circle" with separate Broken Hearts on each end.

This ring represents the "Circle Is Broken" that fits inside our Heart. It can be worn as a separate ring as well. 

This ring is the final and most intricate design offered by Expressions Of Grief. 
When I started designing Widows Rings ten years ago, I had no idea that I would design so many original rings. This is the final ring design.

Each ring tells a story.

This story speaks of the complexity of mourning.

The 2 rings woven together.

The Broken Heart is made of Tears.
Tears saved from the hurt of loss.Inside that hurt lives the knowledge that what was whole is now divided and broken. The Circle that wraps around our Broken Heart appears Broken.  The "Circle Remains UnBroken" speaks of the promise within our memory.

The Circle that is Broken by Loss is united as the Broken Heart binds the circle together into an Unbroken Chain,

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