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  • Flag at Halfmast Design -
  • Original Jewelry and Artwork from Expressions of Grief
  • STAINLESS STEEL  Medical Grade
  • EVEN  SIZES 7-12 
  • FALLEN BUT NOT FORGOTTEN etched inside 
  • Black Pole and Type
  • Red and Blue Enamel Flag
  • Blue Enamel Folded Flag and Final Salute
  • Designs: Flag @ Half-mast (center) Final Salute and Folded Flag 
  • 14.4mm ring center
  • 7mm bottom



Remember and respect our American Flag and the Warriors who have bled and died for our country.


I am the “Widow Ring Lady”,  I design artful, wearable and touchable jewelry keepsakes primarily for widows.

Widows have asked for a special design to honor their Fallen Husbands, and the universal design that speaks for our Hero’s eluded me until my eyes fell on a “Flag at Half Mast”. I did not know for whom the flag flew but I was certain that it was in honor of a Fallen Hero.

Every American recognizes the symbolism of a Flag–at-Half-Mast.

This design is one of a kind, never seen before and I am honored to bring the 1st edition to those who have been waiting for this very ring. 

Sizes are 7-12 right now.  The quantity is limited. This ring is very wide to accommodate the flag pole. Please order a size larger than usual. 

If your size is not included it will take 2-3 months to special order - but it can be done.




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