Broken Heart Ring Prong Setting

Check Your Prongs

The “Broken Heart” ring has a delicate setting in which the prong settings are an integral part of the patented design. The teardrops that form the Broken Heart are perfectly aligned, the stones are precisely shaped and the double center prongs are unique in the jewelry world.

Sterling silver is a less rigid metal and a prong could become loose over time.
When you wear a piece of jewelry all day every day, it is exposed to a lot of banging, tugging, and twisting. When it comes to a Wedding /Widow ring, which is exposed to the most wear and tear of any piece of jewelry, there are some basic maintenance checks you should be doing. One of the most significant problems that we see with rings is the loosening of prongs due to daily wear. While it may not sound like a big deal, a prong being loose it one of the most common ways a stone will fall out of a ring and get lost! Here is what you should do if you think a prong is loose, bent, or broken:
First Things First: Check for loose prongs.
When I wear a soft fuzzy sweater, the ring may snag a thread or a bit of fiber is under the prong.
Then I know the prong is not as tight as it should be, and this is the time to make sure it does not get bent.
What To Do If You Think A Prong Is Loose
Before you do anything, take the ring off! One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to continue wearing their ring because they don't think that the problem is a big deal, or they say they will visit their jeweler later. In reality, the only thing that is keeping you from losing or chipping your gemstones is a few delicate little prongs, so why take the chance?
 However, the best way to check the prongs is to bring it to an expert jeweler and ask them to look at it.  A trusted, qualified jeweler will examine the ring under magnification and will tell you how your prongs look.
I have jewelers’ tools and gently align the prong with plastic coated pliers.