Serenity Spinning Prayer Wheel


Re: Serenity Prayer"& "Heart" Inscribed Prayer Wheel Spinning Ring
Thank you so much. The prayer for serenity and acceptance and the broken heart are exactly what I need to show what I am struggling with right now. And the idea of each spin being a prayer, like a rosary or a prayer wheel.. it means a lot. Thank you so much.



Dear Darya, 

Thank you for your supportive words, my family and friends think it is a "phase" I am going through, when it is Grief that I am fighting.  
I can't remember how many times I said "GOD where are you? Help me. 
The ideas for the rings were divine inspiration and my way to heal and help others as well. 
First I asked for Acceptance and then I asked for the Strength and Courage to "Change what I could". The rings were the answer for Change.
Not many people "get it", but you will find that just touching this ring bridges realms, lifts your spirit and gives meaning to the unending tears. 
The Broken Heart is made of teardrops. 
And those tears measure the depth of your sorrow.
My Best To You,