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ALWAYS IN MY HEART & SOUL Spinning Prayer Wheel Ring

Widows Rings

  • $ 6400


                ALWAYS IN MY HEART & SOUL

If you are a widow you know the feeling of sitting at a gathering and feeling alone. You feel a twinge in your heart, wishing you could tell your partner all they are missing. You feel guilty laughing at a child’s silliness as if smiling is a betrayal. And you wonder if “forgetting” is the same as “moving on”.

The Tibetan priests spin a large prayer wheel with hundreds of prayers on tiny scrolls. Whenever the wheel spun, each time it rotated; hundreds of prayers went to the Heavens.

If I could send my thoughts to heaven, they would never be forgotten.

I needed is a small Prayer Wheel. Each spin confirms the memory. Each spin is a message that we share and each time I spin it, I embed that connection even deeper. As long as I share with heaven what is in my heart, my other half will not be forgotten.

I created this design to send my message- “YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY HEART & SOUL”.

This ring has given me and countless others a feeling of Peace.

I am not as alone any more.

The technical description:

  • Stainless Steel dual spinning rings.
  • Inscribed with ALWAYS IN MY HEART & SOUL
  • Even Sizes 6-14
  • Price - $64


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