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ALWAYS IN MY HEART & SOUL Spinning Prayer Wheel Ring

Widows Rings

  • $ 6400



Exclusive Design

Prayer Wheel Ring

A new design combining the old with the new:
The Old:
Tibetan Prayer Wheels are spin Prayers to Heaven
Each spin is the same as saying the prayer out-loud
The New:
The delicate Prayer Wheel is transformed onto steel, a strong, affordable metal impervious to time.
This design is a Heaven-sent new design that ensures as we travel through grief, our promise to "Never Forget" reaches from our heart to the universe. 
If "moving on" feels like "forgetting" be assured that your pledge to remember is fulfilled with each spin of the Prayer Wheel.


  • ALWAYS IN MY HEART & SOUL etched on Black Ion 
  • Stainless Surgical Steel
  • 8 mm wide (almost 1/2")
  • Even Sizes 6 - 14
  • MSGR $129.
  • $64 - Priceless

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