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WIDOWS 3rd RING Sterling Silver Eternity Band

Widows Rings

  • $ 10000

Widows 3rd Ring in Sterling Silver Eternity is the suggested 1st ring for the new widow.
It makes more sense to add another ring to what was already on a finger.
And it feels "right"
The Widows 3rd Ring finishes the Story told on the finger, gives back your identity and you don't feel invisible anymore.
The Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil are new to our Collection of Eternity  Bands $100
Size 4-10
Rhodium or Gold Plated
The Silver ring will last longer and is a better quality.
The Plated Eternity Widows 3rd Ring (sold on another page) has been a favorite for years, it is affordable and perfect if you are unsure if the idea of a widow's ring would be right for you.
Sizes 4-10
Gold, Silver, Gunmetal
Either choice is will lift your heart and make breathing more bearable.
When the plated rings sell out we will only carry the better quality Sterling Silver.