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Dark Journey

Widows Rings

  • $ 12900

Dark Journey

Endless Journey of Grief

One Step at a Time- One Day at a Time- One Breath at a Time

 Black Infinity Band with a path of hard, dark stones represents the Dark Journey that does not end.

  • Gunmetal Band
  • For Women or Men
  • Channel Set Jet CZ
  • Stainless Steel
  • Comfort Band
  • Allergy Free
  • BLACK on  BLACK Mourning Band
  • Elegant and Simple
  • Appropriate for Widowers and Widows
  • Unisex Even Sizes 5-10
  • $129  Sale was $249


This ring is the largest channel Widows 3rd Ring I designed.

The gunmetal finish with the Black stepping stones is a statement that is not missed.

I always wear the new designs to see how they "feel". 

This ring felt cool at first and then warmed to me.

Then there was a quiet, calm, comforting safe and strong acceptance. than has remained.

As the most beautiful Eternity-Journey ever made this ring has not been a strong seller and I have discounted it at half of what it should be. 

While it is not the great seller it should be it has gone out to be a comfort to widows and widowers and has never been returned.

So it is quietly holding the fort down.


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