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Widows Rings

  • $ 12900



Adding a 3rd ring, a Widows Ring completes the Story told on your finger.
What you decide to do  about your rings is a Matter Of the Heart - Not a Matter of Time.
The 3rd ring answers the question "What do I do about my rings?".
When you slide this ring on your finger - you will know "It feels right."
You will begin to breathe again, you will feel a weight lifted from your heart and you will will feel a connection.
Return this ring if you do not feel all of the above.

Widows 3rd Ring Channel Set

  • Jet CZ's Channel Set
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Allergy Free
  • Long Lasting will not tarnish or warp
  • Comfortable
  • Wear it All the time with No special care

     FOREVER Finish Platinum  $ 99     Even Sizes 5-10 & Half Sizes 5.5, 6.5. 7.5

     FOREVER Finish Gold Ion $129     Even Sizes 5-10


    Purchase 2 FOREVER rings and save 25%.

            Wear one on each side of your wedding band or 2 together             . 



    2 Platinum Finish FOREVER Rings  $148.50

    2 Gold Finish FOREVER Rings        $193.50



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