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Broken Heart Set Gold over Sterling Silver

Expressions Of Grief by Diane

  • $ 17900




Beautiful Widows Broken Heart Ring Design.

  • Sizes 5,6,7,8,9,and 10
  • Gold Plated over Sterling Silver
  • Latest new design to be added to Expressions Of Grief Original Designs
  • Limited pieces.


Appears to be 3 rings, the Gold Legacy set is actually a one piece set.  First. I designed this 3 piece ring set, and it is just beautiful. But the individual rings did not fit snugly into each other, and I found myself aligning them -all the time. So I re-designed the gold ring here from the old ring.  It is all one piece and stays in place. This is one of  my favorite rings  now.

The silver ring that could not sit still is on sale. It is less expensive than the silver ring by itself. I guess if you wanted to - you could glue them together.